Our Story

Edinyanga’s (our founder) first experience in the Travel Industry was as a manager of a vacation home rental company in Nigeria. She assisted families with the best vacation experiences but always noticed that while they were excited about their vacation resorts and fun family friendly activities, they barely engaged with the culture of the destination. Most of her clients were so in love with the familiar and incredibly good tasting and spicy Nigerian meals that convincing them to try local delicacies abroad was not an easy task. Occasionally a few words of the local language were memorized and her “souvenirs” were usually duty free perfumes (which she appreciated but secretly wished for a fridge magnet with the country flag).

 Fast-forward two years later in 2015 and she decided to start a Travel Company, she knew without a doubt that planning trips which introduced people to new elements of Culture across various destinations will be her passion… Hence the name Travelkulture

Our Purpose

To reinforce identities and create cross cultural learning among Millennials and the Gen-Z.

Our Mission

By creating cultural content, tours and interactions,we educate, excite and inspire

Our Vision

A world where people are more open to exploring and embracing cultural diversity.

Our Values

  • Convert Clients to Ambassadors
  • Serve Authentic Experiences
  • Constantly Innovating
  • Encourage Team members growth and happiness