You’ll Be Happy To Find Out Your Travel Personality Type Here

By Itty Okopide

We all have that unique personality trait that makes us different from others. These traits do not just revolve around love or relationship but cut across every important aspect of our lives. Travel, included.

A study published in the Journal of Tourism Analysis, based on findings from 500 people from Taiwan, people who travel frequently tend to feel more satisfied with their lives than those who do not take frequent vacations.

Finding out your travel personality type attempts to help you stay in touch with yourself as you take an interesting look into things that appeal to you as you travel.

This is a fun quiz which has been curated based on data gathered from 20 millennials from the four African regions.


Question 1

What is your first reaction when given a set of strict rules by the hotel to abide by on your vacation?

  1. Disappointed
  2. Anxious
  3. Indifferent

Question 2

What makes up your vacation dress style?

  1. Jeans and a T-shirt
  2. Versatility rocks your boat
  3. You carefully select pieces that suit your destination

Question 3

In a strange country, what is your preferred meal?

  1. Your native country’s food
  2. You dwell on what your host or waiter recommends
  3. You love to explore various dishes

Question 4

Which of these tours will excite you on first thought?

  1. Safari tour
  2. City tour
  3. Tour of an art gallery

Question 5

What dominates your shopping bag?

  1. Personal items you love
  2. Gift items to family and friends
  3. Travel souvenirs and local pieces from the country

Question 6

How do you feel on the day of your departure?

  1. Happy and grateful for the trip
  2. Happy and looking forward to another trip
  3. Exhausted from exploring a detailed itinerary

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  • If your answer is mostly 1 (one), you are a NATURAL MYSTIQUE travel personality type. You emit a distinct air of mystery that makes you seem relaxed and unbothered whenever you travel.

You prefer simplicity and ease to variety. This is because you live a less complicated life and opt for things that appeal to your inner desires.

Although you may sometimes feel life is more interesting when adventurous, you strongly believe that this personality makes you stay in tune with what you are familiar with and what matters most to you.

  • If your answer is mostly 2 (two), you are a DYNAMIC MINIMALIST travel personality type. You are so full of positivity, excitement and new ideas but you do not overdo the feeling.

You love to explore activities that bring out your blissful side, sometimes even relying on recommendations from others on fun adventures to partake in.

It is good enough that you ultimately seem to be spreading the joy to everyone that comes in contact with you. Keep it up!

  • If your answer is mostly 3 (three), you are a WINGED HIGH LIFE travel personality type. You are a frequent traveller, vacationer and a supporter of people who wish to enjoy a meaningful life.

You do not hold back on expressing your true self wherever you go. This means taking time to carefully plan and select destinations and get involved in activities that are of cultural value and significance.

You find this to be the best way to live because life is all about exploring and learning.


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