Where Is Your Holiday Happy Place? We Urge You To Dwell In Nature In A Garden

By Travel Kulture Staff

Happy New Year! In the past season we were in the business of spreading – or is it sharing? – love, joy, and things with family, friends and associates. We give and we likewise receive. What a wonderful feeling it generates. It was also the season most of us took a break from work to frolic with the 4Rs – relax, rest, refresh, and refill. Thankfully, there were options we could choose from on how to spend the holidays for maximum satisfaction and benefit. That significant place where you derive the most joy and fulfilment by being there. Let us call that place your cool place.  For some people, this could be a new travel destination, a family home or even the church services.

Must it be a Concert?

NO!! It must not always be!  For some people the happy place shouldn’t be loud or rigorous. Our definition of joy and fulfilment is when one is in a state of complete happiness and having real pleasure and contentment. So, speaking of what rocked our boat, nothing was better than spending time in nature. We make haste to recommend this to those who have not experimented with this before to try it as soon as possible. As your travel planners, we figured out that taking some time away from all the hustle and bustle and just relaxing (with nature) in a calming and soothing space is the way to go.

According to Healthline, there are countless benefits that are derivable from taking a trip in nature. These range from reduced depression, improved sleep, emotional wellness, to mental energy and lots more. It was during a weekend trip to The Gardens Ikoyi for lunch that we were able to truly appreciate nature and her healing power.

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What is Spending Time in Nature Like for Victoria & Itty?

For Victoria

Victoria loves to put together beautiful itineraries for clients. For her, spending time in nature relaxes her mind very well. Apparently, since most of the solo trips Victoria puts together for clients are nature bound, Victoria was able to appreciate the beauty and serenity that her clients derive at The Gardens Ikoyi. “Even in the midst of two events going on and lots of other guests having fun, there’s something different about being surrounded by plants, courteous individuals and affordable food.” Exciting world.

For Itty

Itty is a Writer/Journalist with a certification in Public Relations. To unleash her creativity while writing, Itty prefers to stay in a totally quiet place. Most certainly, Itty will choose a farm house or rustic home over a luxury tower, a safari tour over a city tour, or a decorative plant over an art piece. Typically, any setting that screams ‘natural and authentic.’ Also, according to Itty, who values pictures a lot. “I took my most appreciated photos in a nature setting.”

If this is the case, then expect to experience more nature-bound trips from us this year!

Click here to view Itty and Vicky’s delightful reel from The Gardens Ikoyi.

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