Eating My Heart Away: The Birthday Eve Experience At 234 Restaurant

234 Restaurant

By Itty Okopide An end to a lengthy conversation with my Uber driver came as I stood in awe of the magnificent 234 restaurant building in front of me beaming with lights (it was night time). I cat-walked into the restaurant and, oh! the ambience, the extremely courteous manager and a pool of welcoming staff. […]

Kaanubaru, A “Mainland” Surprise and a Jaw-Dropping Service

By Itty Okopide There is a belief that only restaurants on the island (Lagos) are worth a tour. There is also a belief that if a restaurant is not in Ikeja GRA (Lagos mainland), it just might be basic. Well, I thought so too until the 20th of March, 2022. “Is it on the mainland […]