Kaanubaru, A “Mainland” Surprise and a Jaw-Dropping Service

By Itty Okopide There is a belief that only restaurants on the island (Lagos) are worth a tour. There is also a belief that if a restaurant is not in Ikeja GRA (Lagos mainland), it just might be basic. Well, I thought so too until the 20th of March, 2022. “Is it on the mainland […]

Experience The Beauty Of South Africa With Travel Kulture

Experience the beauty of South Africa with Travel Kulture

By Itty Okopide Beauty rules the world! A trip to a beautiful place opens us to witness a variety of unforgettable experiences thus giving us the best of memories. Do you ever wonder what it would be like to visit the right country, at the right time and with delightful people? Dr Tamara McClintock Greenberg, […]

A Last Minute Decision to Visit The La’Vee Rooftop Lounge

La'Vee Rooftop Lounge

By Itty Okopide Lagos is Nigeria’s largest city and boasts of some of the finest and fanciest of restaurants. The majority of people who live in Lagos plan ahead. Plans to attend a wedding, a vacation, a dinner date or even a visit to a friend’s house are made in advance because the city can […]

You’ll Be Happy To Find Out Your Travel Personality Type Here

Travel Personality

By Itty Okopide We all have that unique personality trait that makes us different from others. These traits do not just revolve around love or relationship but cut across every important aspect of our lives. Travel, included. A study published in the Journal of Tourism Analysis, based on findings from 500 people from Taiwan, people who […]

In A Pleasant World Of Delicious Varieties of Food, Where Do You Stand?

Jordanian Dish

By Itty Okopide In My Best Friend’s Wedding, a 1997 romantic comedy drama, a group of gourmet chefs raced to put the finishing touches on the food to be served to the renowned food critic, Julia Roberts, who plays the role of Julianne. From behind, they watched anxiously as she gave her judgement. “I’m writing […]