With our years of experience in the travel industry, we have gone on to carve a niche for ourselves in cultural tourism. Our competencies lie in a vast knowledge of several destinations including South Africa, Mauritius, Dubai, Tunisia, Europe, Jamaica,Namibia and South East Asia. All our Consultants are well skilled at managing every detail of your trip to give you a truly Memorable and authentic experience

What you get

Full travel services including:

  • Holiday planning
  • Visa advisory
  • Flight reservations
  • Hotel and Tour reservations
  • Travel Media and content creation
  • Intercultural Exchange programs and local interactions

Global Competence Program

Young people all over the world are lending their voice to change- but do your students have the skills required to create the change they want to see by tackling poverty, climate change, inequality or even unemployment? In a world as diverse and multicultural as ours, are your students well equipped and culturally aware enough to interact with people from different tribes, ethnicities, and nationalities devoid of biases and stereotypical judgements?

If your answers are not a convincing Yes, then your Institution needs to “Level Up” with the Travelkulture Global Competence Program. The Global Competence program-which is approved by the UNESCO and PISA(Program for International Student Assessment) will provide your students the requisite skills to navigate a complex yet diverse world, foster connections across cultures and create change in local/international communities.

In line with the above, we warmly invite you to partner with us in making your institutions and corporations globally competent. Come discover and Enjoy the many international opportunities that abound to your institution when you get your students and team members to “Level Up”.

We welcome you to take this first step to making your institution among the many institutions in the world that are globally competent by signing up for this virtual certified training which includes additional training in


Video editing

Graphic design

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