Kaanubaru, A “Mainland” Surprise and a Jaw-Dropping Service

By Itty Okopide

There is a belief that only restaurants on the island (Lagos) are worth a tour. There is also a belief that if a restaurant is not in Ikeja GRA (Lagos mainland), it just might be basic. Well, I thought so too until the 20th of March, 2022.

“Is it on the mainland or on the island?” my neighbour asked me when I told her about my plans to visit this attractive, new (or so I thought) restaurant I had been following for a while on Instagram. Before choosing my dinner date at the Kaanubaru, I first of all reached out to them on WhatsApp and requested for their menu. And oh! I discovered they have a really diverse and appetizing menu. I concluded: this must be an interesting place to visit!

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Home outside of home is what gives me a delightful experience whenever I go to a new place. At the premises of the restaurant, we were greeted by a calm surrounding with natural green plants, which made the place very peaceful and full of life. A homely welcome by all the staff embraced me and my guest the moment we stepped in. The warm customer service and the utterly beaten down prices of the menu stood out immediately and made me look forward to having a good time while there. The manner in which all the staff and the manager responded to us patiently left us astonished. All this and more made the restaurant feel more like home.

While waiting to be served, we were entertained by cool and soothing music. Our meal arrived a short while after we had placed our order – another plus for the restaurant. The dinnerware used in serving our meal was lovely. I had Kalakuta coconut curry while my friend had the bang bang chicken, both nicely prepared, and not too expensive. The taste of their meal turned out to be our greatest surprise: it was just delicious!

The Bang Bang Chicken my guest had.

My guest kept making applauding remarks about the food all through dinner.

The kalakuta Coconut Curry served with chicken.

I must confess that visiting Kaanubaru afforded me the most pleasant surprise by a restaurant in a remote location. I would classify the location as remote because it is not easily spotted by people driving through nor by those looking for a place to dine.


I would like to give Kaanubaru restaurant a four-star rating based on the following observations:

  1. Well thought-out design and a homely ambience
  2. Patient, attentive, and engaging staff
  3.  Delicious meal

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