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By Itty Okopide

Beauty rules the world! A trip to a beautiful place opens us to witness a variety of unforgettable experiences thus giving us the best of memories. Do you ever wonder what it would be like to visit the right country, at the right time and with delightful people?

Dr Tamara McClintock Greenberg, a clinical psychologist based in San-Francisco, says that the stress of work and daily demands can distract us from other meaningful and interesting activities. Vacations are good for our mental health and can ease away the stress we face daily.

Introducing South Africa

Unique Beauty

The beauty of South Africa lies in the uniqueness of her culture which embodies ten UNESCO World Heritage Sites (five cultural, four natural and one mixed), eleven official languages, vast biomes and a multi-ethnic society. It is this beauty that South Africa possesses that has moved Travel Kulture to introduce this destination to you.

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South Africa has terrific safaris, cultural sites and beautiful beaches which make a trip to the country full of exciting adventure and leisure activities to keep you thrilled and busy during your stay. It is a tourist destination suitable for adults and children of all ages. Tourists can now enjoy activities such as ziplining at Constantia’s neck, quad biking on Atlantis sand dunes, Table Mountain, skydiving and scuba diving.

Cultural Experiences

Many tourists love to visit South Africa because of their cultural sites, these include a visit to Robben Island (which dates back to the 1400s when South Africans were banished and imprisoned for resisting colonialism.), Bo- Kaap, Zululand and the Apartheid Museum, among others.


For something more relaxing, wine tasting at wine farms is recommended as South Africa has a history of producing iconic wines which dates back to 1659. Trying their local food is also exciting.

Also looking to go all the way and do something different, especially for lovers of gangsta music, then the South African club experience awaits you.

Why Travel Kulture?

Since 2015, Travel Kulture has curated several unique and culturally infused trips to many destinations across the world. These trips have been totally rewarding to clients seeking experiences covering the arts and cultures.

We invite you to be part of one or more of our carefully curated cultural trips (solo or as a group.) For a start, please do sign up to our newsletter and follow us on our social media handles.

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