Eating My Heart Away: The Birthday Eve Experience At 234 Restaurant

By Itty Okopide

An end to a lengthy conversation with my Uber driver came as I stood in awe of the magnificent 234 restaurant building in front of me beaming with lights (it was night time). I cat-walked into the restaurant and, oh! the ambience, the extremely courteous manager and a pool of welcoming staff. It was my birthday eve and I needed to be surrounded by this beauty. I whispered underneath my breadth – “So this is the 234 restaurant with the symbolic pineapple dish?”

To avoid unexpected costs, I usually go through a restaurant menu before visiting. One of the most popular dishes on the 234 restaurant menu is the pineapple rice and jumbo prawns. I was sure this was going to be a hit. My love for pineapples and prawns took a hold of me and of course this dish was what captivated me. Just on the side, let me mention that my love for pineapples led me to indulge in a pineapple face mask for three months in 2020. And for prawns? I considered wholesaling prawns in August this year so I could have them at my disposal for consumption, anytime. So now you can understand my obsession with this dish and why other sumptuous dishes on the 234 restaurant menu did not appeal to me.

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While waiting for my dish, I was offered the complementary coconut bread which I had with apple juice. To beat time, the manager magnanimously offered to give me a tour of the facility. The top of the building houses a club, a lounge and a game room. The club is still under construction and promises to be the next happening club in Lekki – I bet! The lounge is secluded and the stunning views from the city complements its peaceful feel. The game room is breathtakingly captivating, featuring a beautifully lit room where I took one of the most amazing photos in my gallery right now.

234 restaurant
Picture from the game room

Here Comes My Dish!

Pineapples symbolise welcomeness, hospitality and beauty. Thank goodness, I could already feel it in the air.

234 restaurant
Pineapple Rice and Jumbo Prawns

The dish took approximately twenty minutes to prepare. It arrived filtering the whole room with a spicy and fruity mix of aromas. Also, I was served very fresh and moist prawns in rice filled with little pineapple chunks. And what a meal! what a really sumptuous meal! While eating I was fascinated by how grains of rice kept dropping to the floor from the “pineapple plate” because of the way it was filled up. It was quite an exciting experience!

I also had the Omelca Silver shot. As a birthday girl, I deserved some alcohol to cheer with.

Where My Heart Lies!

The 234 restaurant is worth an excellent review. The customer service was impeccable, from the welcoming manager to the ever smiling staff. The dish is worth a royal spot on the menu. The aura of the restaurant is a combination of a bright and peaceful feel in one.

Because of my experience here, I will definitely be visiting this restaurant again with friends so they can have this same beautiful experience as I did and if possible, have a taste of the same dish. Lol.

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