COVID 19; Spotlight on Domestic Airport Resumptions in Nigeria

Hey Travelkrew! It has been a total whirlwind of emotions as we’ve seen more cancelled trips, flights, cancelled future vacation plans and all the fire Instagram posts that we could have been YASSS’ING to (tears) due to Corona. However the first beacon of hope for us here in Nigeria was when the office of the Minister of Aviation announced that the domestic wing of the airports would reopen in July!

This felt like a breath of fresh air for people who had been stuck in various states across the country.The ministry of Aviation before the reopening took us through the health and safety measures that had been ongoing and the changes everyone should expect via their media channels. However we still had to go for your sake to verify and see what ways we could make the processes less strenuous. So here are some of the things we took note of:

Meanwhile, we quickly realized that there were more people than we expected to see on the first day of the reopening at the airport! The car park was almost full with vehicles as we got in and walked in to the entrance of the Port Harcourt International airport.

At the entrance to the terminal building, you cannot go in without your masks. So, be sure to have that.


There are also foot markings on the floor making sure you are 1.5 meters away from the next person to maintain social distancing.

If you are not a traveler you would not be let inside the Terminal Building, this means all escort services end at the entrance

Temperature checks would be done by a masked official and your hands would be sanitized

Suitcases and Luggage are also disinfected right before they are passed through the luggage scanner.

When you get into the departure hall, you are advised to maintain social distance and you can still see sanitizer dispensers at designated points.

There are now Pyrex panes demarcating the airline staff at the counter, where you go to check in your bags..

As you walk to the waiting hall, the seats are tagged to indicate where you can sit and where not to in order to maintain social distance.

Also passengers have been advised to print their boarding passes online before coming to the airport and also arrive at least 2 hours before their departure time.

I hope this was informative for you, be sure to check out our blog regularly for updates and our takes on all things travel!

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