The Experience of Joy That Intensifies A Mother’s Love


By Itty Okopide My mother is my love; my world; and, by all means my jewel. Even if I tried, could I have gotten a better mother? Definitely not. As we celebrate Mother’s Day today, I want to share with you in this writeup, five captivating experiences (some lovely stories) of people (self inclusive) who, […]

How Sustainable Has Cultural Tourism Proven To Be?

Cultural Tourism

By Itty Okopide At some point in our lives, the need to travel (travel more) beckons. This could be for various reasons ranging from seeking greener pastures, experiencing something unfamiliar, learning new cultures, or finding love. Whatever the reason might be, travelling is a worthwhile venture. The United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) estimated 25million […]

5 Reasons You Must Be Globally Competent


By Itty Okopide I recall the first time I heard the term “Global Competence”, I thought about many things, “How does this work,” “what does this mean”, “is this another way to earn money, “why do I really need to be globally competent” “Can I become a citizen of another country with a global competence […]