Beauty and Peace at Sea: Why Everyone Needs a Cruise Experience in Their Lifetime

By Itty Okopide

While growing up, the idea of cruising became an obsession; that was after watching the movie, ‘Titanic”. The thought of taking a cruise some day simply excited me! However, as the years rolled by, the obsession wore off until one evening in 2021, on my way home from work. That evening I felt unusually stressed and experienced a burn out: At that point, the only thought that came to my mind was the serenity of the sea. For some strange reason, I believed the peace I needed was only to be found at sea!

Throughout the whole week, all I really craved was to be in a place so inviting yet calm and beautiful. So, when I came across an article in 2021 announcing a Royal Caribbean nine-month world cruise to set sail in December 2023, I was intrigued. I was not excited because I expected to be on the cruise, I was mostly excited for the people who would be blessed enough to be on the cruise. I imagined that they would have out-of-this world experiences while at sea. All night, I kept pondering what life at sea for nine months would be like!

Why the cruise experience

I am of the belief that the two unique experiences that anyone should have at least once in a lifetime are a cruise and a camp experience. These experiences make you realise there is more to life. That there is so much beauty, peace and serenity in the world if we make up our minds to explore and enjoy more.

There are so many reasons why cruising will always be the preferred vacation option for those who have cruised before. A cruise presents you with diverse beauties: indeed it takes you to a different world- a world you can’t really explain!

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My first cruise encounter was a breathtaking experience which has formed a lifelong impression towards cruising on me. It was hospitality in its truest and purest form. I must say, such experience can only be encountered on a cruise.

I was welcomed merrily at the entrance. My stateroom attendant awaited my arrival, called me by my name and had chocolates lined up for me. I also had a customised key card. All workers on the ship were extremely polite. I could go on and on. The more I tried to figure out how this could be real, the more difficult it was to get answers. But, I could recall a reoccurring statement made by the MD of Travel Kulture, “you never know what true hospitality means until you embark on a cruise.” I experienced it first-hand. These experiences felt really personal, like a home away from home. That is what cruises offer.

Cruise experience
My Stateroom Card

Another outstanding cruise experience is the beauty that surrounds you. Depending on the type of cabin you get, you have the privilege to admire all the beauty the world has to offer. You wake to stunning and majestic views.

Cruise experience
Stunning view from my cabin

Cruises offer so much fun but the comfort I got from the serenity of being at sea can be described as unmatched. For me, that was the ultimate experience. You see life in a different perspective. You have all the time to think, plan and totally relax. Above all, you are bothered about nothing except the memories that you are creating daily that will be with you for life.

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The captivating aspect of sailing is the unlimited opportunities that are available. By this I mean, the privilege and convenience of exploring several countries all at once. On this mediterranean cruise, I was able to visit five beautiful cities – Corfu, Greece; Kotor, Montenegro; Croatia, Naples & Rome.

Visiting several cities on one trip without the hassle of catching planes and carrying luggage is the definition of convenience.

Diverse enjoyable activities

From Halloween parties, to art auctions, movie nights, tax and duty free shopping etc, cruises offer lots of entertainment activities. Each day, while on the cruise, there was something unique and magical to enjoy.

As a lover of fine dining, I enjoyed an enchanting and sophstitcated dinner date with the world’s smallest chef, Le Petit Chef.

Do you create memories that last?

Yes I do. I am so glad to have experienced a cruise before the scheduled sail of the Royal Caribbean Voyage that re-ignited my love for cruising interestingly, and you should believe me, I have many fun memories from my cruise.

So, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a cruise for you if you are desirous of creating long lasting and worthwhile memories while enjoying the ultimate luxury and comfort. Go ahead and give it a try! Talk to Travel Kulture and let them be your guide.

Click here to watch the enchanting highlights of my Mediterranean cruise

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