A Last Minute Decision to Visit The La’Vee Rooftop Lounge

By Itty Okopide

Lagos is Nigeria’s largest city and boasts of some of the finest and fanciest of restaurants.

The majority of people who live in Lagos plan ahead. Plans to attend a wedding, a vacation, a dinner date or even a visit to a friend’s house are made in advance because the city can be draining. I had made plans to go on a double date with a family friend, unfortunately, our chosen restaurant hadn’t opened for the year.

After driving around Lekki for an hour and visiting two restaurants which we were not comfortable with, we finally settled for La’Vee Rooftop Lounge, Restaurant and Bar in Lekki Phase One. In the past, all the other rooftop lounges and restaurants I visited, I gave them a two-star rating because they had just one or two good qualities of a standard restaurant.

The La’Vee Rooftop Lounge was different. First, it was the beautiful picture and flower booth that intrigued me- quite unexpected for a rooftop lounge. The lighting, cool music, seat arrangements, decoration and neatness, made me fall in love with the place immediately.

The restaurant area and the lounge area were nice. We found it almost difficult to choose where I wanted to stay. Later, we settled for the lounge area.

La'Vee Rooftop Lounge

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A friendly and courteous staff welcomed us. The waiter was patient and helped with the food selection. The waiter offered me and my companions games to keep us busy as we waited for the food to arrive. All the staff I came in contact with were very polite and of great service.

I want to believe that the restaurant doesn’t share the same menu as the lounge. There was not much variety to the menu and some of my selections from the menu were not available. I had to make do with what my waiter recommended.

My food selection of spaghetti and chicken was really spicy and tasty. For the quantity I was served, I would say the meal was affordable.

La'Vee Rooftop Lounge
Spicy chicken and spaghetti
In Conclusion,
I would like to give La’vee restaurant and Lounge a four-star rating based on the following qualities:
  1. The alluring ambience that made me fall in love with the place immediately I entered.
  2. Helpful and courteous staff
  3. Tasty food

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